Old Port Original's Summer Showdown Produces Huge Results!

There were over 15 competitors today representing at least 3 different official clubs.

5 got their SR1s which is a US record at 1 show (I think Australia has the overall record?)

Jay Jack’s Mabel Passed the first leg of her SR2 with an 85 in the first official SR2 test ever done.

Kerry Pottle became the first certified Spring Pole Judge.

All in all…… A monumental show!

Congrats to everyone!!!

Proud to be a part of this.

Maine Gets It's SECOND GRC Club!!!!

Topsham Maine’s the home of the new Motley Tribe Dogsports GRC Club. Starla Howard is the contact person- motleytribedogsports@gmail.com. My Old Port Original club, and the New Motley Tribe club will be showing everyone how multiple clubs can make a wonderful local training culture. I’m super pumped to watch a new local club grow!

Officially Using Sleds For Competition

After running a bunch of tests, and a “Mock” pull on sleds…..

The board has voted and we are switching to sleds as the official set up for competitions!!!!

It will make it more accessible for more folks for practice or hosting actual events.

Being able to make incremental jumps as our rules, coupled with this set up, allows you to make the pulls that are best for YOUR DOG!

If you want to read the official rules and regs, click HERE to see them.

If you want to see links to all the gear we’ve been using. Check out the Members Forum for a thread about it on the WP section.

This will make it easier for more people to be more active in WP.

I look forward to seeing everyone to develop their pulling!

Chad Mackin Starts Pertinax GRC in IL!!!

Chad Mackin is a big name in the dog industry. He was one of my early influences. Taught me the art of leash handling. Had me on his Dog Training Conversations podcast for years. All around dog celebrity.

Well, He just started his official GRC club in Geneva IL.

Pertinax GRC Club.

If you’re in that area and want to get into GRC….. This is the place! Keep your eyes open for events in the near future.

Tugs All Day…. But, Won’t Work The Pole?

Taken from Next Level Dogs

And no…. That’s not the weirdest complaint about a stripper ever. It’s a thing I hear about frequently enough that rather than respond for the 650th time, I thought I’d write an article on the subject!

There are two types of games…. Competitive, and Supportive. Tug with you is “Competitive”, and Spring Pole is “Supportive”.

Most of the time…. In toy based play… dogs are so into trying to get the toy that they happily try to overcome ANY resistance in order to get it. If that’s you holding it, a dog holding it, It tied to a bungee, it stuck under the couch…. They don’t care, they just want to get it!!! They will play EITHER version of toy play. They just want to play.

Sometimes…. We get the dog that will play tug with other dogs, and with a spring pole. But, won’t play with you. This can indicate either not thinking they have permission to play a mock possession game with you. Or….. Several other issues. But….. That’s for another time.

But…. The point of THIS article is to address the OPPOSITE issue. A dog that loses interest in the toy when you AREN’T holding it.