The One Reward You Can Take In The Ring

(be warned… This will be link heavy)

Yeah…. There’s ONE reward you can take with you into the ring in GRC.

But…. You gotta really work on it to be able to use it well.

It’s the sneaky “hidden motivator”!

Yeah….. That’s right…


In Denise Fenzi’s book “Dog Sports Skills: Play” she describes developing personal play as a reward event. And how it offers an advantage to competitors because it’s the only one you can take with you on the field. And that is 100% true.

But….. If you know me you know that GRC is LIFE! It’s not just the only one you’ll have on you in the ring. It’s the only one you KNOW you’ll have on you in the street!!! So… why WOULDN’T you spend the time developing it?!?!

And… We’ve all run into dogs that weren’t that into food or toys. Well…. here’s a whole untapped zone!

BUILD THE GAME of personal play! Including interruptions and work eventually.

Here’s a dog that wasn’t motivated for food or toys. But…. we built the game of personal play. And levereaged it as a reward event. ALL of his work was done for this game. Check it out:

This was early. We were just working on the “window of opportunity”, and the interruption of “easy”. But you can already see the depth of motivation.

Take the time to build it. It’s the hidden motivator. The only one you know will always be there. And…. The only one you can sneak into the ring.

Now…. Go play with your dog.