GRC: Sport Or Rehabilitation

Why does it have be one or the other?

I made a sport out of rehab!!!!

When we start a dog on the path to rehabilitation.... We start at the bottom of the layered stress model. Health and Lifestyle. If a dog has good health, and all their drives are being expressed to the fullest they tend to have far fewer behavior problems! So, in that respect..... GRC is clearly good for rehab. We not only get their urge for action out. But.... An SR titled dog is also comfortable at liberty. So.... even the drive to feel freedom is being satisfied!

Then, we move on to Clarity. A GRC dog is a clear dog. They know how to do at the MINIMUM the obedience required in the SR test. And, if they're gonna go anywhere in the sports.... They will have pretty high levels of control in drive! That..... IS.... Rehab!!! A dog with emotional control and obedience even in the highest drive!

The leash is the next layer up. And obviously.... the SR test requires a TON of leash tolerance. So... that is clearly rehab!

The last layer is Triggers. The actual "things" that set off the dogs. The thing is..... If you actually did all the back work we just talked about.... If you actually prepared for the SR and even just ONE of the sports..... The likelihood that dogs layers would be anywhere NEAR it's threshold is next to nothing. And... even IF the dog was getting triggered.... The actual skills a GRC dog develops can be used to navigate that issue. We actually picked the commands that are the most useful in actual emergencies!!!

And.... in the 1 in a million chance that the dog loses it, and we go through a less than desirable interaction.... we will have the skills and relationship in the bank to recover fast, and with as little blow-back as possible.

I literally looked at what I was doing with ALL of my rehab cases. And just called it GRC.

It is NOT just a sport. It's how we heal dogs. And their people.

It's how we give people a reason to give their dogs the attention and activities they have always deserved.

It's not just a sport.

GRC is life.