GRC Dogsports is a new breed of dog sport. It seeks to celebrate and test not only the dog’s gameness (G), but the relationship (R) with the handler, and the dog’s self control (C). Even though we are doing the drive sports associated with the APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier), we are open to all breeds. The sports we offer competition in are:

Treadmill Race,

           Weight Pull,

           Wall Climb,

           Spring Pole

The Mill Race, Weight Pull, and Wall Climb are traditionally done without any control parameters. But, in GRC, the higher levels will have increasing impulse control requirements layered into the events. Such as stays while waiting for the release to start, or increasing the distance from the handler to test area of influence. This will require not just drive, but control to get the advanced titles.

The Spring Pole for obedience is an entirely new concept. Typically they have only been used for hang time. We want to show something totally different. Drive CONTROL. A Spring Pole is a free hanging tug toy. This simple device allows folks access to the high level of training associated with the bite sports….. Without the biting of human shaped toys, or the need for expensive suits, and experienced decoys. You will be asked to control your dog from a distance. Asking for them to release toy. Asking for various obedience commands. And, telling them when it’s ok to grab the toy again. This takes a traditionally crazy making tool like the Spring Pole, and re-purposes it to test the control of the dog, and the depth of the relationship in the face of a huge temptation.

Of course before we even get to the drive events….. All teams will do a “Social Responsibility” test. This will be broken into three portions. A Leash Communication portion. An Obedience portion. And a Liberty Portion. Unlike most tests, you will LOSE points for focused control during the Leash/Liberty portion. We allow focused heeling as a management strategy to walk your dog past the distractions. And, clearly if your dog has an un-resolvable issue with a trigger, an incompatible command of focus is the responsible thing to do! But, the ultimate goal would be for a dog to be able to make good, relaxed, decisions in these situations without the need to be “under orders”. We want to encourage handlers to have dogs that can play hard, AND be liveable. The scoring reflects that. In the Obedience portion, it is done as a more traditional test of verbal command obedience. Here is where we WANT to see the focused control Obedience is associated with. An SR Title must be earned by every dog, BEFORE being allowed to move on to the drive events.

We encourage relationship centered, motivational training. Teams can lose points, or be fouled out for dogs showing avoidance. And, handlers can be disqualified at any point, at any event, or anywhere at the show at all, for any harsh or abusive treatment.