Affiliated Clubs

  • Training clubs will not be regulated in their conduct of business, or training by GRC Dogsports Inc. That said…. Any actions considered dishonorable, abusive or cruel by GRC headquarters will result in the loss of club affiliation.

  • Affiliated clubs will received support from GRC Dogsports in the form of consultations about setting up and running a club, advice on how and when to run events, and support in promoting events, seminars, and mock trials. Club leaders will be granted to a club leaders-only forum within the member login area.

  • Club location and contact information will be posted on the GRC site.

  • Clubs are required to hold at least one (1) GRC sanctioned event per year to remain in good standing.

  • Club dues are billed on an annual basis. Existing clubs will receive their renewal packet 60 days before the 1 year expiration date. Existing clubs will be charged a discounted renewal fee of $100 if they renew before the expiration date. * Renewals will be $125 after the expiration date.

New club fee: $125

Annual club renewal fee*: $100

Steps to Becoming an Affiliated Club

  • Log into the members-only form and click on the “General Forum” tab. Review the Q & A’s about forming or starting a club for ideas.

  • Identify at least three (3) members that are individual members of GRC Dogsport Inc., in good standing and who wish to be in your club.

  • Determine what your club name, mailing address, and contact email will be. Club names, city and state/territory/country, and contact email that will be posted on the GRC Dogsports website.

  • Contact, indicating your wish to register your club. A link to a web form will be sent you so that you may provide the required information. Once your form submitted and reviewed for approval, an invoice for the club fee of $125 will be sent out. Payment must be received to complete the process. Approved affiliated clubs will be listed on the GRC Dogsports website, announced on the blog, and in the Facebook discussion group.

Contact to register a club.