What Are You Waiting For..... Start A Club!!!!

Yes.... YOU.... Start a club.

The determining factor that will make this vision a reality is having local clubs that are easy to find. Having local clubs is how we will:

  • Have more events.... Clubs host events. No club in your area= no comp in your area.
  • Increase the exposure. Clubs will be out in the public training. And probably posting their clubs work on social media. This will help get this out of the dark in into the public eye. The more people we reach..... the more dogs we can give this gift to.
  • Reach the at risk population. GRC can reach the people attracted to the "tough guy" stuff. We can show them a place to have a purposeful pride in their dogs toughness. One that benefits the dog. And doesn't add to the ill repute of the breeds, or sports we love. We can turn people and dogs around. IF we have a place for them to train.
  • Make a difference in the rescue world. If there's a local club.... there's a chance that we can get shelters and rescues involved. We could have a place for their staff to train their own dogs and fall in love with it. We could have their staff take on the SR standard as the benchmark. We could give new adopters a dog with some built in skills and activities. We could give new adopters a club with like minded responsible dog folk. And a supportive community that understands high drive dogs.
  • And..... so much more.

We have made the organization. We've made the structure. The rules. The regulations. We built the race car. And it's sitting in front of you idling. All you have to do is drive the damn thing, and hang on for the ride!!!

"But.... I can't... cause, I'm not a judge.....  trainer..... or very good.... etc...."

I get it.... You want to do it right. And yes.... In an ideal world, every club would have a seasoned pro as a training director. And Every club would have a judge or two. But.... Right now.... We are trying to get this bad boy going. We need passion. Grit. Not accomplishment. If there's no sport.... There's no way to get experience. To become a judge. To get "seasoned". We have to create it. We have to build it. If everyone that was sitting around wishing that GRC would grow.... WISHING their was a club in their area.... just got up and started one..... We could ALL have access. We could ALL train. We could get the experience. Get the titles. The certifications. The seasoning. But... it won't happen in a daydream. We gotta put boots on the ground!

It's not about being amazing. It's about GETTING BETTER!

And ANYONE can do that.

Find a few people that are as passionate about their training as you are.

Start a club so you can share your enthusiasm with one another.

Together.... we can accomplish so much.

But it starts with you.

You have to be the change you want to see in the world.

Awesome.... You're all pumped to start a club!

Decision time. Officially Sanctioned Club. Or Unsanctioned club?

Unsanctioned clubs are awesome. Easy to start. Just get together to train call it a club. Rad. No problem! Reach as many dogs as you can.

But.... Making your club "official" is more than just a rubber stamp and a fee. We will HELP you reach more dogs. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Sanctioned clubs can host events. Get more experience and exposure.
  • Get your club listed on the GRC website under official clubs. This will be where people go to see clubs in their area. If they look and you're not there.... They may never find you and never get into GRC.
  • Get access to the "Club Support" forum we have built to allow us to give you back the support your club gives us.
  • And the list goes on....

Don't worry it's not hard to do. All you need to start an "official" club is 3 people registered with GRC that are passionate enough about the growth of the sport, their dogs, and themselves to make a commitment to training. Contact us a grcdogsports@gmail.com and get the ball rolling. What are you waiting for?!!